Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

 This 4-column "extra" was produced by the Yankees
 May 6, 1865, while they occupied Athens, GA
     If you are reading The Stoneman Gazette on your phone or tablet (like many in our audience), we invite you to try us the way newspapers were meant to be read—with multiple columns.
     Open our page on an old-fashioned computer screen (or switch your iPhone to "View web version") and you'll discover a right-side column that offers a search engine, lists everywhere the Yankees raided, gives proper credit to all the fine historians I've plundered, and includes birthdays and biographical links for hundreds of folks who have graced our pages.

     Our broadsheet edition also features section tabs where you can explore topics we've covered, such as Faith, Music, Sports, Tech, and Travel. Looking for a table of contents? Start here.
     In other words ... there's more to The Stoneman Gazette than meets the iPhone.
(If you're not pun-shy, you're also invited to visit my other blogTom Layton)

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